Welcome to BdinSoft

BdinSoft Ltd is a software company founded in 2015 in Vidin, Bulgaria.

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We use Java, Groovy, Grails, Spring, Hibernate, MySql, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and many other technologies

What we offer

We deliver web applications from business requirements through development and into production deployment and continuous maintenance through the lifecycle of the application. We build web applications, database applications, back-end for mobile apps, enterprise applications and other software products.

Security testing of Web Applications for Bug Bounty Hacking.

About the company

BdinSoft Ltd started as a consulting company and is still doing consulting work (write us - contact@bdinsoft.com). Currently the company is developing several own products (www.plantip.com, www.zmeyshop.com, www.bdinsoft.com, 00-wolf.bdinsoft.com). Also another focus of the company in the near future will be Pentesting for Bug Bounty Hounting (Mostly Web Applications in the beginning).

About the owner

My name is Nikolay Shikalkov and I am the sole owner of BdinSoft Ltd. I have interest in computers and programming since high school and started professional Java programming in the year 2000. Currently I am a Senior Java Developer mostly, with interests in Web frameworks like Grails and Spring, database technologies like Hibernate and mostly any open-source Java technology. I am working with Java technologies since the year 2000 and have a lot of experience with many frameworks and libraries in several industries. As a side hobby I started learning about Pentesting, see more in my blog (Grey 00-wolf blog).



Current Status: Online

Web application for personal planning. Includes modules for Cookbook, Diet, Fitness, Budget and Articles. Application includes catalogs with items, single item view pages, data entry pages, reports and integration with external services.

Grey 00-wolf personal blog - Wordpress platform

Current Status: Online

Personal blog based on Wordpress platform


Current Status: Development of main functionality

SaaS e-commerce solution running on AWS platform.


This site

Static website deployed on AWS S3 service.


What does "BdinSoft" mean?

Bdin is the old name of the town of Vidin, Bulgaria (Read More on Wikipedia).

What information do you need to estimate a new software application?

In order for BdinSoft to be able to estimate a software system you need to provide details about basic functionality required, number of users, quantity of data processed, type of data (text or binary), platform support requirements and any other requirements that you may have. The more information you provide the better estimate you will get.

How does BdinSoft charge for services?

BdinSoft offers 2 basic options - you can get consulting by the day (we bill in chunks of 1 bussiness day) or you can get fixed-price offer for the project.